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Sponsored Content | November 28, 2022

If you pay attention to any of the online, social, and even campfire debates on what the best pack for elk hunting is, you’ll notice nearly everyone agrees to disagree. That said, there are a lot of good packs out there. But what makes the KUIU Packs special or unique?

In the pursuit of innovation, KUIU has made a lot of changes over the years. Their updates and refinements are often overlooked because their packs have kept a similar look and they’re decked out in the same camo patterns as their older versions. Simply put, if you compare an older generation of KUIU’s hunting packs, prior to the launch of their PRO Packs in 2019, they do not stack up to their latest and greatest designs.

KUIU’s Packs have always been known for their bag-swap modularity and ranking among the lightest. With recent advancements in technology, engineering, and materials, they’re also staking claim to the most comfortable and durable.

What Has Improved on KUIU’s Hunting Pack Designs?

First, their patented Carbon Fiber Frame received a major upgrade in 2017. This is when KUIU switch over to Chomarat® Spread Tow Carbon Fiber. The frame kept a similar profile, however, the materials and make up received a complete overhaul. This not only made the frames more durable, but they also optimized the flexibility and stiffness to carry weight more efficiently.

In 2019, KUIU launched the PRO Pack System with a completely redesigned suspension and upgraded bags. The new suspension was game changing for KUIU. While maintaining the ultralight weight they’ve always been known for, the waist belt and shoulder straps are remarkably more comfortable, adjustable, and durable than ever before.  The PRO Bags, available in 2300, 3600, 6000, and 7800 cubic inch sizes were upgraded to the gold standard in pack materials: Heavy-duty CORDURA® 500 denier fabric, Hypalon anchored compression straps, Duraflex® hardware, and robust #10 YKK® zippers. The bag layouts were also improved, making it easier to carry and access optics, rifle, and bow.

In 2020, KUIU introduced the PRO LT (Light and Tough) series of bags in 4000, 5500, and 7000 cubic inch sizes. Leveraging a lighter, high-tenacity CORDURA® 330 denier fabric, paired with coated fabric paneling for added water and abrasion resistance, the PRO LT packs are ideal for the elk hunters looking for lightest pack as possible but unwilling to sacrifice pack organization and durability.
In 2022 KUIU launched the Women’s PRO Suspension. With women’s specific ergonomics, they opened the door for women hunters to have a pack built specifically for them. Without compromise, the Women’s PRO Suspension utilizes the same Carbon Frame and PRO and PRO LT bag options.

How Does KUIU’s Modular Pack System Work?

Not every elk hunt calls for the same game plan. The purpose behind a modular pack system is to have one frame and suspension with common connection points so you can swap to any size or style of KUIU bag. This system is not only extremely versatile, but also offers a value other high-end packs can’t match. You can purchase the frame, suspension, and two sizes of bags for around the same price as a competitor’s pack with only one bag.

Carbon Fiber Frame: The Weight-Bearing Backbone

Weighing in at only 11 ounces, KUIU’s patented Carbon Fiber Frame features ultralight Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Technology—built for vertical stiffness, horizontal flex, and ultimate strength.

Available in three sizes, each frame has 4” of vertical shoulder strap height adjustment. Select the size of frame that fits your torso and fine-tune shoulder strap height with their innovative T-Lock system.

Measuring your torso takes a little homework, but KUIU has made this video showing you how it’s done and how to properly fit your pack.



The Suspension: Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt

Since the introduction of the PRO Suspension, reviews report hunters comfortably hauling more

weight than ever before. Featuring plush dual-density foam and a highly durable and breathable spacer air mesh lining, the hip belt wings are contour adjustable, while the lumbar pad has close to two inches of vertical adjustability for ultimate comfort. The PRO Suspension is available in two waist sizes and one women’s size.

The shoulder straps are wider and softer than previous designs. They also feature a broader stance, positioned two inches wider across your back—the wider open stance across your back not only promotes airflow and ventilation, it helps with pack stability while navigating steep terrain.

How Do I Choose the Right Size of Backpack for Hunting Elk?

PRO: Heavy duty and full featured with ample pocketing for unmatched organization.

  • 2300: One-day hunts and scouting ventures
  • 3600: Gear intensive day hunts or 2-3-day backpacking hunts
  • 6000: 3-7-day unsupported expedition hunts
  • 7800: Up to 14-day unsupported expedition hunts


PRO 2300

PRO 3600

PRO 6000

PRO 7800

PRO LT: Light and tough, the PRO LT packs are for the minimalist that counts every ounce and not willing to sacrifice packability.

  • 4000: Gear intensive day hunts or 2-3-day backpacking hunts
  • 5500: 3-6-day unsupported backpacking hunts
  • 7000: Up to 10-day unsupported backpacking hunts


Swapping the bags is easy once you’ve practiced it. Unclick 10 buckles and the bag will detach from the frame, and then swap on and reconnect another size of bag. Use this same method of detaching the bag to wash it after a successful hunt.

How and How Well Does It Pack Elk Quarters and Meat?

Built with a heavy haul in mind, you have two options for packing out meat. You can either go on the inside of the bag, or use KUIU’s innovative Load Sling Mode. There’s nothing extra to carry, like a meat shelf, it’s all built in.

By loosening the bag’s bottom straps, detaching the upper section, and extending the side compression straps, the bag creates a V-shaped 2500 cubic inch opening between the bag and the frame—the perfect size for elk quarters. Place the meat between the bag and frame, then reconnect the buckles and use the extended bridge straps located at the top of the frame stays. Like swapping the bags, putting a pack into load-sling mode should be practiced before stepping out in the field.

The Hunting Pack Accessories to Complete the System.

Packing out an elk on your back either takes multiple people or multiple trips. To streamline the pack for hauling meat, KUIU offers a Load hauler that replaces the bag. With common connection points, it clicks in the same buckles to create a lightweight and streamlined solution for hauling meat.

KUIU also offers a broad range of accessories for their pack system:

  • Boned-out and quarter game bags
  • Hydration systems
  • Roll-top and zippered dry bags
  • Rifle and bow carry solutions

KUIU’s PRO and PRO LT packs are backed with a limited lifetime warranty and only available direct to consumer from KUIU. For more information visit www.KUIU.com.