Elk NetworkKimber’s Micro 9 Rapide (Black Ice) Is Big on Attitude

Sponsored Content | December 6, 2022

Kimber’s Micro 9™ Rapide (Black Ice) gives you all the enhancements, upgrades, and flair of the original 1911 Rapide (Black Ice), in a 9mm subcompact that is like nothing else. With its match-grade V-Cut™ trigger, DLC-coated barrel, black G10 grips and more, the Micro 9 Rapide (Black Ice) is as big on performance as it is on style.

The new model features dramatic stepped cocking serrations fore and aft. The slide also has multiple ports to lighten its mass. Kimber coats the stainless-steel slide with silver and gray KimPro II finish to accent the multiple cuts.


Kimber machines the Micro 9 Rapide’s frame from aircraft grade aluminum alloy for weight savings. With an unloaded magazine, the gun’s weight is just 15.6 ounces! The pistol features ambidextrous manual thumb safeties and a mainspring housing that features oblong cuts to complement the slide cuts. The Rapide Black Ice’s dramatic slide cuts and two-tone finish give the pistol a distinctive, eye-catching appeal.

The bottom of the frame features a flush-fitting magwell. Also, the 7-round, extended magazine with base pad, adds enough length to accommodate the shooter’s pinky. For control, Kimber machines the frontstrap with Stiplex texturing, and the G10 grip panels also possess relief cuts similar to the slide and frontstrap, which gives the gun consistent stylization.

Not a Mini 911

While the Micro 9 Rapide Black Ice might look like a miniature 1911, it is not. Internally, the lock work is different, and the gun’s barrel lock-up and pivoting trigger differentiate it from a 1911. One additional nice feature is the gun can be loaded and unloaded with the safety engaged.

Kimber uses a stainless steel, match-grade barrel in the Rapide and it features a supported barrel with an integral feed ramp. As mentioned earlier, the Black Ice model’s barrel has a black DLC coating, providing a nice contrast to the silver/gray slide. There’s a recoil spring guide rod under the barrel, and the gun uses a single, flat recoil spring.

If you’re a fan of the 1911 but dread carrying all the weight of your current concealed carry handgun, the Kimber Micro 9 Rapide Black Ice might be just the ticket. Small and lightweight, the Rapide has all the reliability and accuracy needed for uncompromised concealed carry. Kimber offers the Micro 9 in a number of variations. Visit KimberAmerica.com to see which pistol best suits your needs.