Elk Network5 Surprising Things About Hunting

General | August 30, 2017

Eva Shockey has quickly become a household name for the hunting industry. Representing the female hunters, you would be one of few who doesn’t know of her resume. In a recent piece for Signature, she discussed 5 things that are often overlooked aspects that hunting has taught her over the years.

Hunting is about family
Hunting has allowed me time with my father, grandfathers, husband, and brother that I know we would not have otherwise spent.

Hunting is about conservation
Hunters raise more money than any single conservation group on this planet. The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates that taxes on hunting licenses and firearms sends $1.6 billion a year to conservation and wildlife management programs around the world.

Hunting is about unplugging
Hunting causes me to stop and watch the autumn leaves fall, or the winter sun rising above the trees in the early morning. I feel closest to God when I’m in the woods.

Hunting is demanding
Hunting can humble even the toughest men and women. The demanding terrain, the harsh elements, and the long hours can drain you physically and mentally.

Hunting is about living a healthy lifestyle
I strive to live a healthy lifestyle and truly believe that free-range, lean, organic wild game is the best protein around for myself and for my family.

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