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Come see the all-new interactive Great Elk Tour! The Great Elk Tour is a traveling conservation exhibit that showcases some of the largest bull elk in the world and promotes why great elk need great habitat. You can also get the latest RMEF gear at the tour trailer and try your hand at an archery simulation.

The Great Elk Tour is currently open to the public at RMEF Headquarters.

10 AM - 5 PM Daily
5705 Grant Creek Rd
Missoula, MT 59808

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View The Bulls

Great Elk Tour bulls are selected for their size, uniqueness and story. Most bulls are harvested on public lands and many are taken by RMEF members.

Fantasy Bull
  • Where: Nebraska
  • When: 2018
  • Owner: Oren Smith
  • Method: Rifle
  • Boone & Crockett Score: 441 6/8 (Gross)
  • A life-long hunter of everything from rabbits to deer, Oren Smith always dreamed about hunting elk. He finally got his chance after being drawn for the Nebraska nonresident Super Tag. Smith caught a brief glimpse of this bull as it entered a cornfield. Three days of hunting yielded no success. Several weeks later he tried again, heard a bugle and it stepped out broadside 318 yards away. Smith made the shot and, in his words, it “was a fantasy come true.”
Pennsylvania Sheds
  • Where: Pennsylvania
  • When: 2019
  • Owner: Russ Gleixner
  • Method: Found Sheds
  • Boone & Crockett Score: 400
  • Well-known by locals in and around Benezette, this unique bull walks with its head tipping to the left because of the size of its antlers on that side. For Russ Gleixner, the shed hunting season was one of increasing frustration. He already hiked more than 250 miles in search of sheds without success. However, in March of 2019, he walked up to an amazing find – this set of shed antlers a mere 75 yards apart.
Barbed Wire Bull
  • Where: Saskatchewan
  • When: 2017
  • Owner: Darrick Gross
  • Method: Rifle
  • Boone & Crockett Score: 443 3/8 (Gross)
  • This impressive bull elk has its own unique set of “head ware.” Darrick Gross felt like he won the lottery after being drawn for a Saskatchewan elk tag in 2017. One year earlier, he spotted a massive bull on his trail cam so he now had the chance to try to find it. His early September elk season was one of frustration. On the final days of the December season, he caught up with a bachelor herd in a hollow and took this bull. For Gross, it was a “dream come true.”
Archery World Record
  • Where: Montana
  • When: 2016
  • Owner: Steve Felix
  • Method: Bow
  • Boone & Crockett Score: 444 2/8 (Gross) / Pope & Young 430 Net
  • On a solo hunt in September of 2016, Steve Felix spotted, stalked and shot this beautiful bull with his bow on public land in eastern Montana. He knew it was a nice bull but not until he approached it did he realize how special it really is. This elk is the Pope and Young typical world record. After five heavy antler and meat-laden backpacks trips to his truck, Felix had it in the cooler and on the way home.


Steve Brett of Game Trails Taxidermy in Florence, Montana is the official taxidermist of the Great Elk Tour. Brett is well known for his skills in North American, African and Exotic species. For the Great Elk Tour bulls, Brett uses only premium McKenzie Taxidermy Supply forms, eyes and ears for each mount. McKenzie generously donates all competition-quality materials.


To inquire about booking the Great Elk Tour for your next outdoor show or event or to see if your bull has what it takes to be part of the Great Elk Tour, please email us using the link below.