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Come see the new Great Elk Tour! The Great Elk Tour is a traveling conservation exhibit that showcases some of the largest bull elk in the world and promotes why great elk need great habitat. You can also get the latest RMEF gear at the tour trailer.

Show Schedule

2021 Events - Schedule Subject to Change
2022 Events - Schedule Subject to Change
  • ISE, January 20-23, Sacramento, CA
  • Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show, February 10-13, Portland, OR
  • ISE, March 17-20, Salt Lake City, UT
  • ISE, March 24-27, Denver, CO

View The Bulls

Great Elk Tour bulls are selected for their size, uniqueness and story. Most bulls are harvested on public lands and many are taken by RMEF members.

The Eye Guard Bull
  • Where: Washington
  • When: 2016
  • Owner: Dan Osmonovich
  • Method: Found Sheds
  • Boone & Crockett Score: 394 3/8 (Gross)
  • A moment of a lifetime for Dan Osmonovich to see a bull of this caliber. It is difficult to put into words the moment he witnessed this incredible bull following 4 other bulls through deep snow. There was only one word for Dan, "WOW", so amazing. Dan's passion for shed hunting brought him back to the same area two weeks later, to his amazement he came across the left shed and 90 yards southwest was the matching shed. It was a good day, never give up. It will happen.
Pennsylvania Giant
  • Where: Pennsylvania
  • When: 2019
  • Owner: Pennsylvania Game Commission
  • Method: Rifle
  • Boone & Crockett Score: 434 2/8 (Gross)
  • This majestic bull is the product of quality habitat and sound wildlife management in northcentral Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Game Commission and state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources manage public lands to make them more attractive to elk. They create and maintain high-quality foraging areas and limit disturbance by humans. RMEF also assists by providing funding to permanently protect and enhance habitat.
Montana 7x7
  • Where: Montana
  • When: 2014
  • Owner: Blake Owens
  • Method: Found Sheds
  • Boone & Crockett Score: 413 (Gross)
  • These sheds were picked up by a lucky shed hunter in 2014 in Montana. The antlers were sold several times until they were purchased by Paul Spenard of Colorado where they have stayed until Paul's death in August of 2020. In honor of Paul we wanted to share this amazing bull with everyone. It was his dream to have some of his favorite antlers be featured on the tour and enjoyed by all who get to see them.
Dream Bull
  • Where: Arizona
  • When: 2017
  • Owner: Paul Spenard
  • Method: Found Sheds
  • Boone & Crockett Score: 438 (Gross)
  • A tribute to Paul Spenard, an avid antler collector that had always dreamed of owning a set of elk antlers with 60-inch beams. After searching for 30 years, in 2017, he was able to make that dream come true when he purchased "Dream". This massive 6x7 set of antlers was picked up by a cowboy on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona. One antler is the largest 6-point NASHC record book and the set as a whole is the #2 typical set of sheds in the world. Paul passed away in August, 2020 and always wanted to see one of his bulls travel on the RMEF Great Elk Tour.


Steve Brett of Game Trails Taxidermy in Florence, Montana is the official taxidermist of the Great Elk Tour. Brett is well known for his skills in North American, African and Exotic species. For the Great Elk Tour bulls, Brett uses only premium McKenzie Taxidermy Supply forms, eyes and ears for each mount. McKenzie generously donates all competition-quality materials.


To inquire about booking the Great Elk Tour for your next outdoor show or event or to see if your bull has what it takes to be part of the Great Elk Tour, please email us using the link below.