Elk NetworkVideo: Woman Charged for Luring Deer into Home to Eat

General | February 16, 2020

A couple of egregious wildlife feeding incidents west of Denver prompted Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to file charges and issue a stern warning.

“It is selfish and unethical to feed big-game,” Mark Lamb, CPW area wildlife manager, told Colorado Outdoors. “You are going to end up unintentionally killing those animals and also putting yourself in harm’s way. If what you want is a pet or just to connect with an animal, choose a domestic breed that has evolved to live with people.”

In one particular case, video shows a woman luring a buck and several does through a sliding glass door into a home to eat bread, carrots and a plate of other human food. CPW filed charges for violating state law. Such violations can trigger $100 fines plus additional penalties.

Lamb also added that training deer to come to a house or backyard might lure mountain lions and other predators to the property.

A misguided landowner in Wisconsin thought he was helping elk by leaving out corn. Instead, a bull elk ate too much and died after becoming bloated.

(Photo source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)