Elk NetworkThieves Steal Elk, Deer Meat

General | October 31, 2018

It is a hunter’s nightmare. A woman shot her first elk, had it processed, stopped for the night at a motel only to find out that someone later stole it and her deer meat. It happened in the small town of Lolo about 10 miles south of Missoula, Montana.

Below is a Facebook post from her sister:

Hey Friends in Bitterroot and Salmon…

HELP… HELP… REWARD… At 3: 00 AM my sister’s 1st ELK 300-lbs of meat and deer with large white Kiska (Yeti) 14-day cooler was stolen from the DAYS INN – Lolo Mt. on Thursday night. It was all beautifully processed by hand and custom sausage. The cooler was taken from the back of their locked trailer. Call KIM DEAN @ 530 356-2518.

(Photo source: Cindy & Rob Hallen)