Elk NetworkPartner Recognition: Browning

40th Anniversary , General | May 9, 2024

(Pictured: Browning CEO Travis Hall)

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recognized four long-time sponsors at its 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Founded as a company in 1878 by John Browning, he received a patent for a single-shot rifle. That effort expanded to a bolt-action rifle with a tubular magazine and eventually a full line of well-known rifles, shotguns and pistols that served America as a firearms supplier for the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II and the Korean War.

Today, a well-known outdoor industry leader based in Morgan, Utah, it is among the most influential and prolific firearms manufacturers. It has also stood alongside RMEF from the beginning by buying ads in Bugle magazine and supplying other support.

RMEF presented Browning CEO Travis Hall with a framed image of that initial ad (see bottom of post). Below are his words.

When (RMEF Chief Revenue Officer) Steve (Decker) said I had to come up on stage, this kind of is not my favorite thing to do. We’re just a humble little gun company in Utah and we’d kind of like to remain that way. Really, our company wouldn’t be where it is today without people like you and creating the opportunities. I’ve actually been coming up to RMEF for quite a few years – not the full 40 but quite a few. It’s always been a pleasure and the people are what make this organization so great.

I always tell our employees at Browning, “It’s you, the people.” So, I want to thank you, the people. It’s an honor for us to be here for me and my wife to represent all the employees at Browning. So, thank you. Give yourselves a hand, please. I don’t know that I’ll be around another 40 years. It’s kind of iffy but I know you, the RMEF, will be and for a lot longer than that. So again, thank you. By the way, that’s a pretty cool ad.

(Leupold President & CEO) Bruce Pettet is a friend of mine. Obviously, he gave you a very nice custom scope but you can’t shoot s*** without a gun. Bruce, I love you like a brother, but you’ve got to have a gun so on behalf of all the people at Browning, we are going to give (RMEF co-founder) Charlie (Decker) and (RMEF co-founder) Bob (Munson) a great X-Bolt Hell’s Canyon Long Range rifle. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us bring a gun in here. I’d love that but they wouldn’t let us so Charlie, you’ll be able to get that later. I apologize for not being able to have it there with me. Again, thank you. It’s been a great honor. I appreciate it.