Elk NetworkOne of the craziest haircuts you’ll see!

General | April 18, 2017

Here at RMEF, we receive some crazy photos from members and fans on almost a daily basis. This comes courtesy of an avid young Elk hunter, Britney Glitch, who was looking for a fun way to express her love of the outdoors. Following is a quick interview with Britney:

It’s not every day you see a haircut like that, what prompted you to get the design?

My dad has an incredibly cool tattoo that depicts a half-man half-elk shooting a bow on his back shoulder, which I have adored it ever since I was a little girl. I planned on getting one very similar when I got older; however, my dad has always been very against me getting a tattoo. After my barber asked me if he could start shaving designs in my hair, I jumped at the thought of my aspired tattoo! Obeying my dads wishes, I asked Bryan, my barber, to shave a magnificent elk and couldn’t have asked for a better turn-out.

Who did the artwork and how long did it take?

My wonderful barber’s name is Bryan Kirkland at the Bozeman Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor. The design took about thirty-five minutes.

Are you an Elk Hunter or just a fan? If you’re an Elk hunter, we’d love to see some photos!

I am an elk hunter! I grew up hunting with my dad and passed hunter safety when I was eight. I harvested my first deer at age ten but did not harvest an elk until age seventeen. This past year I even got to go on a cow moose hunt in the Mica unit!As a swim coach, do you feel the shorter hair gives you an advantage at all?

I began competitive swimming when I turned four and have always had long hair until a little over a year ago. When I got into the water with my shaved head I actually giggled out loud! I could not believe how cool it was to feel the water rushing past my scalp. I love not having to wear a swim cap or deal with a tangled mess after I get out of the pool. As a coach, I find a lot of joy when the kiddos ask me what design I’m getting next and even give me awesome ideas! I never liked my long hair and this buzz has given me a new sense of self-confidence. Currently, I have a full mandala on my head.