Elk NetworkNew Hunters Focus on Acquiring Organic Nutrition

General | November 12, 2019

It was an emotional moment. Novice hunter Chrystal Egli shot her first deer at the age of 35.

“I put my hands on her and talked to her,” Egli told Pew Charitable Trusts. “I told her she’s beautiful and she’s going to feed my family, and she was going to be the first meat that my daughter eats.”

Egli views hunting as an ideal way to procure grass-fed, organic, protein-filled meat. And she is not alone. More and more food-seekers who do not come from hunting families are turning to hunting.

Egli created a Facebook group called Hunters Like You, which describes itself as the following: “Millennials. Liberals. Gun reformers. Vegans. People of color. People who care where their food comes from. When it comes to the issue of hunting being on the decline: we’re not the problem, we’re the solution. You can be all of these or none of them. But we *are* all hunters, like you.”

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(Photo source: Chrystal Egli)