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Gear 101 | November 25, 2019

If you are hunting elk in the backcountry, weight is very important. Whether it be for traveling to camp, day hiking, or packing an animal after a successful harvest ounces matter and the Mark V Backcountry products are designed and built in Sheridan, WY for your next adventure.

The premise of our development was to build around the Mark V 6-lug standard action, which is the perfect candidate for new development in lightweight hunting. The effectiveness of the Mark V backcountry and its lightweight attributes would be diminished without confidence in the two factors we specialize in, downrange accuracy and superior velocity converted to knock-down energy. Utilizing Titanium for the Backcountry Ti action and chambering the 6.5 WBY RPM cartridge creates a combination of the Lightest and Fastest Production Rifle available at an unmatched price.

Titanium provides the lightest action available, but if you are looking at packing into camp with a few more ounces and all the same great features. The Backcountry is built on a steel action which adds weight, but still is light on the pack weighing in at 5.3 pounds. Chambered in a variety of cartridges for medium to large sized big game animals.

Cartridge development has always been one of our strengths. When we started into the RPM project it began with no rules or strings attached. Create a cartridge that performs in the environment we spend significant time in…the backcountry.

Years of dreaming and development culminated into the 6.5 WBY RPM. This new cartridge family brings the Backcountry thought process full circle. 6.5 WBY RPM represents our first ever straight wall shoulder, and rebated rim ushering a new member to Weatherby Magnum Cartridge Family. Delivering 1500 foot pounds of energy at 500 yards all harnessed in a sub 5 pound rifle with a 6.5 mm Bullet. 

Check out weatherby.com for more information on rifles, cartridges, and finding the right product for your next adventure afield.