Elk NetworkIdeas Worth Sharing: Think Small for Banquet Advertising

Volunteer News | August 20, 2012

Ideas Worth Sharing: Think Small for Banquet Advertising

By Michelle Benedict, Uniontown Chapter

Interested in a cost- and space-efficient way to advertise your upcoming big game banquet? RMEF regional director Sam Sneed passed this one along to us.

Print up business cards with the RMEF logo, the date of the banquet, name of the facility where it will be held and the ticket chairman’s contact info. You can probably get 1,000 cards printed for about $30 at your local printer or a chain printer like Staples. Hand out a bunch to each committee member at the initial BGB meeting and encourage them to hand them out to interested individuals. It is much easier to carry a couple of business cards with you than carrying and handing out regular 8×12 banquet invitations. 

You can even purchase a few cheap, plastic business-card holders to place at the front desk of the banquet facility or at local sport shops, hotels, gun clubs, etc. I have found it easier to talk businesses into displaying a small card holder on their counter than a poster on the wall.

Business cards are much cheaper than hundreds of advertising flyers, and make it easy for a committee member to always have the information on hand when someone asks about the banquet.