Elk NetworkInfo Sought on Oklahoma Elk Poachings

General | October 23, 2017

Authorities in Oklahoma are seeking information about the poaching of two elk. It happened near Saddle Mountain in Comanche County in the southwest part of the state.

“The poachers cleaned one of the elk out in the field and dragged it to the road and loaded it into the vehicle,” Lt. David Smith, Oklahoma game warden told KFOR-TV.

They left the other carcass to rot. Investigators believe the incident happened between 10:00pm the 15th and 6:00am the 16th of October 2017. They also believe that four suspects took part.

“It’s not fair. The animal doesn’t have a chance. It’s frozen in the lights, it can’t see what’s going on, it doesn’t know what’s going on, and people take advantage of it,” added Smith.

Those having any information are asked to call Warden Mike Carroll at (580) 695-7535, or Lt. David Smith at (580) 450-7703.

(Photo source: Oklahoma Game Wardens)