Elk NetworkHunter’s Lead is Key to Arrest of Elk Poachers

General | September 12, 2018

Below is a Facebook post by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police.

Two men decided that archery elk hunting should open a day earlier than the rest of Western Washington. The two brothers from Naselle could not control their urge to take two bull elk standing in their back field the day before the season opener. The next day a legal hunter, who had been watching the herd, saw birds working and making a racket. The hunter noticed a gut pile and called WDFW (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife) Police.  


WDFW Sgt. Ryan John and Officer Paul Jacobson obtained a search warrant to look in a shop building for one elk. As they opened the shop door they were surprised to find a second elk next to the first. Both men confessed to the crime and the two elk were seized and donated to a non-profit organization. Their hunting equipment was seized as well. Charges will be filed with the Pacific County Prosecutor.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation advocates for ethical hunting practices and urges hunters to contact their local fish and game agency if they witness anything peculiar when afield.

(Photo source: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)