Elk NetworkHow To Break In A Barrel

Gear 101 | December 4, 2018

Just received your new rifle? Make sure to break it in for the best results in the field.


Ear Muffs
Bored Guide
Cleaning Rod
Bore Solvent
Cleaning Patches


  1. Use a bore guide to keep solvent from getting in the action of the rifle.
  2. Use patches with your favorite solvent to push through the barrel and clean it.
  3. Take 10 shots with the rifle, cleaning the barrel after every shot.
  4. Take 15 shots with the rifle, cleaning the barrel ever 3 shots.
  5. Clean the rifle to get the fouling out of the barrel.
  6. Shoot a three shot group.

The barrel is clean when your patches come out completely clean! Now go shoot and enjoy!