Elk NetworkGear 101 – Swagger QD42 Bipod

Gear 101 | December 28, 2022

If you’re looking for a way to increase the odds of filling your tag this year, the Swagger QD42 bipod is a good tool to try. Everything about the QD42 is designed to help you adapt to changing field conditions.

Game animals move, terrain isn’t flat, and shooting setups aren’t perfect when you’re hunting. The ability to be versatile and adjust quickly to make your shot can mean the difference between a missed chance and a full freezer.

The QD42 is a shooting aid that’s much more than just a bipod. With specially designed springs in the top of both bipod legs, you have the ultimate maneuverability while still maintaining a steady shooting platform. It has easily extendable legs from 14″ to 42”, making it great for shooting from a seated position, a kneeling position, set up in a tree stand or seated in a ground blind. With the bipod legs pushed all the way forward and spread out, it can even be used prone. You can also pull the legs back against your hip or shoulder to stabilize the gun if you need to shoot standing offhand.

Once you find that solid base, the springs let you move with your target, tracking game animals as they move, up and down, left and right without needing to move from your position. The QD42 can handle any terrain with rubber feet that can be removed to reveal aggressive metal feet that dig into uneven ground and prevent the bipod from slipping.

The QD stands for “Quick Detach,” so it’s easy to take the 15oz bipod on and off your gun with the push of a button when you use it with one of several adaptors. Not only is this bipod set up for rifles, it’s also great for many muzzleloaders, shotguns and crossbows.

The newest available adapter for the QD42 is the Universal Adapter built specifically to attach the QD42 to shotguns. As the name suggests, you can use it to attach the QD42 to any shotgun 20 gauge to 10 gauge and even some .410, depending on the exterior diameter of the barrel. Need to steady your favorite Turkey gun? If you’re out turkey hunting, you can use the QD42 to Keep your shotgun up in a ready position, while keeping your hands free to use your turkey calls.

The QD42 comes with a standard sling swivel adapter, but you can get a QD magazine cap adapter that will pair with many different shotguns or the Universal Adapter.

Get the QD42 for $129.99. Add the QD Universal Adaptor for $19.99.

Learn more at: https://swaggerbipods.com/