Elk NetworkFires Affect Hunting Season

Conservation | August 31, 2017

Wildfires are burning across much of elk country so hunters need to do some research before they head afield this fall and be cautious once they do.

Some wildlife management areas, block management units and privately-owned timberland across several states are closed due to wildfires and ongoing firefighting efforts. Additionally, campfires are off-limits or restricted in many locations because of bone-dry conditions.

“Hunters have a big responsibility to be fire conscious,” said Andrea Jones, spokeswoman for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks in Helena. “It is a matter of human safety and protecting private property.”

Hunters are urged to be prepared: carry a shovel, bucket, axe, and garden-type weed sprayer full of water in all vehicles; drive only on established roads; take care to ensure that catalytic converters and mufflers are in good repair; and do not stop or park vehicles over grass or brush.

Be sure to contact the local state fish and game agency before you go.

(Photo source: InciWeb)

(Map source: Earthstar Geographics)