Elk NetworkDon’t Just Hunt, Enjoy the Hunt

General | October 18, 2018

Those who hunt already get it, maybe. Those who don’t really have no idea.

An animal that is down does not define what makes a hunt successful. The hunt is an experience so much grander than that.

Below are a few comments made by Tom Toman, Director of Private Lands Stewardship for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, in a recent article published by the Casper Star Tribune.

“Nothing as fine as elk hunting, chasing a huge animal around out there. And then the reward if you’re successful is some of the finest meat you can ever consume.”

“To me one of the most fun things about hunting is getting out and scouting and trying to pattern the animals. A lot of people cheat themselves when they don’t get to the mountain until they set up camp a day before the season.”

“Until you get one down, you don’t realize how big it is. Even rolling it over to field dress it is a big job.”

“People see elk on south or west facing slopes all winter long and assume that’s where they’ll find them in the fall, but typically it’s not true.”

“If I can tell it’s a hunter calling with my poor hearing, you know the elk have got it figured out immediately.”

(Photo source: Craig Miller)