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General | October 14, 2017

Game cameras give hunters an idea if the location they choose is a dandy one or a dud. Going back and reviewing the video to see what critters show up can be informational and quite entertaining.

Biologists with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks use game cameras as part of their field research which is where this video originates.

By way of information here is revised language to bring motion-tracking and/or camera devices in line with Montana statute:

It is illegal for a person in Montana, while hunting, to possess any electronic motion-tracking device or mechanism that is designed to track the motion of a game animal and relay information on the animal’s movement to the hunter. A radio-tracking collar attached to a dog that is used by a hunter engaged in lawful hunting activities is not considered an illegal motion-tracking device.

So this means cameras or devices can be out at any time of the year and only present a violation if it is transmitting information to a hunter while he/she is hunting.