Elk NetworkHunting Is Conservation – Clearing the Way for Wildlife in Montana

Conservation | February 1, 2018

Hunters don’t just venture out looking to fill the freezer.

Many of them seek out opportunities to conserve or improve wild landscapes.

That was exactly the case in southwestern Montana where more than three dozen Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation volunteers removed five miles of old fencing to allow elk, deer and other wildlife safe travel without the risk of entanglement.

The fence pull project took place as part of the 2017 RMEF Montana Rendezvous near Boulder.

Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to use muscle and ATVs to remove the fencing along the old Butte to Helena railroad bed.

More than 95 percent of RMEF’s 227,000 members are hunters.

Funded and supported by hunters, projects like this one highlight how #HuntingISConservation