Elk NetworkAcres for America Funding to Benefit California Elk Habitat

Conservation | November 7, 2018

Acres for America, a public-private partnership focused on conservation efforts across the United States, announced $3.2 million in grants to protect wildlife habitats across more than 84,350 acres and increase public access to spectacular landscapes in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Montana, South Carolina, Texas and Vermont.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation received $500,000 in grant funding that will permanently protect 26,144 acres of private forestland and rangeland along the coast of California, enhancing public access to the Eel River and conserving high-quality habitat for salmon and steelhead trout, tule elk and other sensitive species.

These grants awarded through Acres for America, established by Walmart and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in 2005, will leverage an additional $70.8 million in matching contributions, pushing the total conservation impact for the 2018 grant slate to more than $74 million.

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(Photo source: Dave Barry)