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General | November 24, 2017

Right now, RMEF is offering an awesome solar-powered flashlight as a free thank-you gift for a $25 donation. The flashlight has many uses and functions—but kindling wasn’t intended to be among them!

RMEF recently received this note:
Dear RMEF:

During a recent family camping trip, my 4-year-old great-granddaughter asked to borrow my new flashlight that I received from RMEF. After a stern warning not to lose it, she took off to go find firewood. Upon returning, she proceeded to throw the wood into the fire along with the flashlight. After about 10 minutes, and a flurry of fetching water to extinguish the flames, I managed to retrieve the charred flashlight with a shovel. It was now buried under six inches of wet dirt and ash. The next morning I tried the light, and lo and behold, it still worked! My granddaughter was heartbroken until she saw the light working. I have attached some pictures for your enjoyment. Thanks!
The gentlemen at HybridLight caught wind of what happened and not only replaced his light, but also sent his granddaughter her very own pink version! A great ending to a fun story.If you haven’t yet seen our HybridLight Solar Flashlight and Charger, check it out by clicking here. It’s a solar-powered flashlight that also charges your phone, tablet or camera. It’s super bright at 160 lumens and gives 12 hours of light on a full charge. It recharges with any light source or with a micro USB cord, has a standard USB port for charging your mobile devices, and is lightweight, waterproof and floats!

It’s one tough, multi-functional flashlight—however, we still don’t recommend using it as firewood.