Elk Network38 Colorado Counties on Record Opposing Wolf Ballot Initiative

Conservation | April 3, 2020

Thirty-eight of Colorado’s 64 counties, or 59.4 percent, are now on record in opposition to a ballot initiative seeking to forcibly introduce wolves into Colorado. The opposition is evenly spread statewide except for the North-Central portion where Boulder and Denver are located.

As of December 31, 2019, proponents raised $1.3 million dollars (81 percent of which came out-of-state donors) to get the initiative placed on the November ballot. The measure totally circumvents Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), the state’s foremost scientific experts on wildlife management, which ruled against an artificial introduction four different times in the past. CPW already has a management plan in place for wolves that naturally migrate into the state which is already taking place.

Additionally, 26 different organizations, including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, are on record against the effort. RMEF has 29 chapters and nearly 17,000 members in Colorado and strongly opposes the initiative for a wide variety of different reasons. Go here to see a video why.

(Graphic source: Geology.com)