Elk Network2023 was a Record-Setter for Wyoming Elk Hunters

General | April 9, 2024

Below is a news release from the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

Wyoming hunters had one of the most successful elk hunting seasons on record in 2023-24, with nearly a five percent increase in harvest compared to the previous season, according to the latest elk harvest survey report. During the season, hunters spent more than 480,000 recreation days in the field and harvested nearly 29,000 elk. Over the last decade there has been an increasing trend in elk harvest.

Elk populations have thrived in Wyoming over the last two decades. Wildlife managers estimate the elk population in the Cowboy State to be about 109,000. This record-breaking harvest comes at a time when elk populations in some parts of the state are over-objective, creating damage issues for private landowners. Hunting seasons are the primary tool used to manage elk populations.

In the 2023 season, the harvest of cow elk topped 13,000 for the first time in a decade.

“Hunters play a crucial role in wildlife conservation, and their commitment to help manage elk populations is greatly appreciated,” said Game and Fish Wildlife Chief Rick King. “We appreciate the access provided by landowners and the effort expended by hunters in the harvest of antlerless elk”.

Tentative season information for the 2024 elk season is available on the Game and Fish Hunt Planner.

  • The nonresident elk application deadline has passed, but nonresident hunters can modify or withdraw their existing applications until May 8. Nonresident draw results will be tentatively available May 16.
  • The resident elk deadline application is May 31. Draw results for resident elk will be tentatively available June 18.

(Photo: Wyoming Game & Fish Department)