Elk NetworkWyoming Commits Funds to Wildlife Crossings, Discusses Grizzly Hunt

Conservation | April 29, 2019

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission approved $1.25 million in funding toward wildlife crossings. According to the Wyoming Department of Game and Fish (WDGF), there are more than 6,000 wildlife-vehicle collisions each year in Wyoming.

“Wildlife crossings is an important issue in Wyoming and one we can all relate to as we travel across the state,” said Angi Bruce, WDGF deputy director. “I’m very grateful for the commission’s commitment but we know this is going to be a big monetary lift that will require partnerships.”

The commission also talked about 2019 grizzly bear legislation. The Wyoming legislature passed a new law that would authorize the Game and Fish Commission to schedule a hunt if it “would be beneficial for managing Wyoming’s wildlife and protecting Wyoming workers and other citizens and tourists of the state.” The commission stated grizzly bears do pose threats to human safety and some game populations, but did not vote to schedule a grizzly bear hunt. Commissioners cited the fact that since grizzly bears are federally listed under the Endangered Species Act, they would be placing Wyoming citizens in jeopardy of being prosecuted for violating federal law if they issued licenses and established a hunting season.