Elk NetworkWyoming a Popular Destination for Hunters

General | July 13, 2018

Wyoming remains one of the most sought-after hunting destinations in the West. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) saw another increase in hunting applications from both residents and non-residents alike for the May 31 limited quota draw. Overall, applications for resident and non-resident deer and antelope and resident elk increased by 6.95% since last year, amounting to an 11.73% increase in the past two years.

“The hunting opportunities in Wyoming are sought after because of the high-quality wildlife, access and the experience with friends and family,” Scott Talbott said, WGFD director. “We’re excited to host hunters in the fall and thank hunters for their support of Wyoming’s wildlife conservation because they provide the bulk of Game and Fish’s revenue from license sales.”

Talbott acknowledges that this also creates some areas where it is getting even harder to draw a license and drawing odds will have changed again. All big game resident and non-resident licenses are allocated through a resident/non-resident split, based on Wyoming State Statutes and Game and Fish regulations. This means residents and non-residents do not apply for the same pool of licenses in the initial draw.

“In all, there were 88,869 unsuccessful applications,” said Jennifer Doering, WGFD license section manager.

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(Photo source: Wyoming Game and Fish Department)