Elk NetworkWoman Brags on Dating App about Poached Deer, Man on Other End Was a Game Warden

General | January 9, 2019


Hey there

How are you?

No complaints, how about you?

Oh, I’m great…just shot a bigo buck. Pretty happy about it.

Hell yeah, get em with a bow?

Well we don’t need to talk about that.

Haha spotlight?


Nice where at

My ranch in _______

That’s how the conversation went on the dating app Bumble. The thing is, the woman who initiated the conversation and bragged about poaching a deer in Oklahoma did not realize the man she was trying to impress was Cody Harrison, game warden for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Harrison, who lives in remote McIntosh County where he’s known by many people, then asked for a picture and the woman sent him one of her posing with the buck.

“Honestly, the first thing I thought was that it was someone who was messing with me because they knew who I was,” Harrison told the Washington Post. “It seemed too good to be true.”

Knowing only her first name and an approximate location where she lived, Harrison tracked her down the next morning. She pleaded guilty and now faces a $2,400 fine along with a male accomplice.

The Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page posted about the incident to which another woman replied,” I’m pretty sure a court date wasn’t the type of date she was looking for.”

(Photo source: Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page)