Elk NetworkWolves Kill Record Number of Dogs in Wisconsin

Conservation | July 28, 2017

Wolves killed 41 dogs in 2016. That next highest comparison year was 2014 when wolves killed 23 dogs.

“We don’t really know the cause but we are monitoring it and will continue to look at these conflicts through time to determine whether or not this is a new point and we’ll continue to see deaths at that level,” Dave MacFarland, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources large carnivore specialist, told Wisconsin Public Radio.

Most of the killings happened in the northern part of the state.

The latest estimate indicates Wisconsin has a minimum wolf population of 866 animals which is more than 50 percent above objective levels.  The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supports state-based management of wolves just it supports state-based management of elk, deer and all other wildlife.

There are currently two bills being heard regarding restoring the state-based management of wolves in the Great Lakes region. Click here to to contact your representative to vote yes.