Elk NetworkWildlife Law Enforcement Kept Busy in Wyoming

General | June 7, 2018

Wyoming wildlife game wardens doled out almost 4,300 enforcement actions in 2018 including 122 specifically for the waste of abandonment of elk and other big game.

Those actions are spelled out in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s (WGFD) 2017 Law Enforcement Report.

“Game and Fish places a high-priority on wildlife law enforcement to meet the public’s expectations to conserve wildlife and enforce boating laws. We invest significant manpower and resources protecting our exceptional wildlife resources and ensuring public safety,” said Brian Nesvik, WGFD game warden. “This year, the Department’s 85 law enforcement officers initiated nearly 4,300 enforcement actions including dozens of investigations related to serious crimes perpetrated against Wyoming’s wildlife and citizens.”

The public reported 384 poaching-related tips that led to citations and warnings.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation advocates for ethical, fair chase hunting and encourages hunters, anglers and all recreationists in every state to report any suspicious activity they may witness.

Go here to view the report.

(Photo source: Wyoming Game and Fish Department)