Elk NetworkThief Steals Head, Antlers from Hunter’s First Bull Elk

General | November 15, 2017

It took a Montana hunter ten years to finally get his first elk. He has the meat and planned to take the head and antlers to his friend’s house the next morning but did not want to take it into his apartment so he left it in the bed of his pickup. When he checked it the next morning, the head and antlers were gone.>

“It’s just a sad thing that this happens in the state of Montana. Everybody values the wildlife they take, and I just wish people would understand what it’s like to be a hunter and what it’s like to kill something that you really admire and that you work so hard for,” Ethan Donaldson told KECI-TV. “We leave our family for three months out of the year to go elk hunt, and all the elk hunters out there know how hard it is to kill an elk, and finally I killed mine and I’ll never be able to touch it again.”

Missoula police are trying to help him find it.

(Photo source: Ethan Donaldson)