Elk NetworkSteiner Takes “Tactical Grade” to the Hunting Fields

Sponsored Content | November 3, 2023

If it hasn’t happened to you, you likely have a buddy or two who has suffered the dreaded scope failure…at the worst possible moment. That’s because you usually never realize your scope has failed until the shot — and quite possibly that hunt of a lifetime — reveals the awful truth.

  • Water breached the seals.
  • The nitrogen purged and the glass fogged.
  • The windage/elevation dial mechanically fails.
  • The illumination switch takes a dive.
  • The reticle has shifted.
  • The image is suddenly blurry.

Any one of these conditions and more can ruin a hunt or, worse yet, result in an unrecoverable hit on your hard-sought trophy. This is why experienced big game hunters often invest as much or more in their optic system as they do their rifle. Steiner has long been known for their robust, dependable scopes and recognizes that hunters demand reliability and consistency in their products.

Understanding the harsh climate and operational conditions a rifle scope must endure, Steiner tapped its deep experience in building magnified optics for military units and defense professionals around the world to develop the most rugged and reliable hunting rifle scope on the market today.

Called the H6Xi, this new hunting scope takes DNA from Steiner’s recently introduced TX6i series scopes, developed for tactical and high-end competition use, and blends it with features that address the needs of modern hunters who demand absolute precision. In short, the H6Xi offers tactical-grade performance and precise dialing for extended-range shooting in a platform intended to help put big game animals on the ground with decisive authority.



Steiner Heritage – Made in America

While the H6Xi draws from Steiner’s proven German engineering heritage, the scope is manufactured at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Greeley, Colorado, and uses the finest Steiner imported glass available. Being made right in the heart of big mountain country means the H6Xi is dialed in for the kind of austere hunting conditions that separate premium optics from the rest.

How so?

Consider that the H6Xi body is milled from a solid billet of aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum to deliver maximum strength while minimizing weight. All of this is backed by a robust 30mm tube diameter to accommodate a broad adjustment range when dialing in those longer shots. Inside the matte black housing, all elements are manufactured and assembled to the tightest tolerances and strategically integrated to resist damage from hard shocks — something high-mountain hunters are all too familiar with. Of course, the H6Xi is waterproof and fog proof, so large temperature fluctuations and inclement weather won’t inhibit a clear view downrange when the big moment arrives.

High Visibility, Tack-Sharp

Although Steiner has built an enviable reputation for professional-grade ruggedness with their optic systems, the company is also an industry leader in producing the highest-quality glass for those systems, and that includes the H6Xi.

Housed inside the aluminum chassis is a carefully matched system of high-density glass, multi-coated with select minerals and rare earth compounds to maximize light transmission and ensure optimal clarity, color, and edge-to-edge definition. This is especially important because often it is the worst lighting conditions — the dusk and dawn hours — when game is on the move. So good is the H6Xi’s light performance that 92 percent of light entering the objective lens is transmitted to the eye, making the H6Xi the ideal optic for picking out dark animals in cover when available light is at the ragged edge of darkness.

Dial to Precision

Working with the exceptional glass is Steiner’s Modern Hunter (MOA) Reticle set in the first focal plane. At close distances, when low magnification is in order, the MHR acts as a duplex reticle to provide a precise, clutter-free aiming point. For longer-distance shots requiring a high magnification factor, the front focal plane position enlarges the reticle to display bullet drop and wind hold-off denotations, with reticle subtensions that remain accurate across the scope’s magnification range.

In addition, the MHR reticle tree and crosshair are illuminated for optimal visibility in low-light conditions and work at all magnification settings. Hunters can choose between 11 illumination levels (five day settings, four night settings, and two night vision settings) to find the best illumination for any shooting scenario. With a MIL based reticle coming soon, there is an option for everyone.

Boasting audible and tactile clicks, the H6Xi’s turrets let you quickly dial-in the necessary elevation adjustments to take the shot, then just as quickly return them to zero without taking your eye off the target.



Ergonomics That Matter

We’ve all fumbled with optic settings when wearing gloves in cold weather. Knowing that gloves are more the rule rather than the exception, Steiner designed the H6Xi interface to be glove-friendly. The elevation turret, for example, is topped with aggressive knurling to ensure a positive grip when wearing heavy gloves. Ditto for the side focus (adjustable from 25 feet to infinity) and illumination dials. Likewise, the magnification ring offers robust serrations that allow the shooter to quickly zoom to the desired magnification without slipping. To prevent accidental movement of the eyepiece and losing reticle focus, a locking diopter ring is included.

Choose Your Size

The H6Xi is offered in three 6X magnification factors: 2-12x42mm, 3-18x50mm, and 5-30x50mm. All models include the same features and construction, so you can enjoy all the precision-engineered benefits described here whether you are running the 2-12x in the timber or the 5-30x in wide-open country.

Hunting is hard on gear, and optics are the most sensitive piece of equipment you’ll carry into the field. Military and defense professionals understand this, which is why they demand optic systems that will take the hard knocks — because failure is not an option. With Steiner’s new H6Xi series rifle scopes, you can be confident that you can seal the deal when the shot of a lifetime is on the line.