Elk NetworkMove Over Boys, Young Female Hunters Thriving in Wisconsin

General | December 16, 2019

They sat around the same table swapping hunting tales and photos. They are not old men in a coffee shop, they’re young girls ranging in age from eight to 16. They are also part of the changing face of hunting.

“I learned how to hunt and do taxidermy from my Grandpa Doug,” Aaliyah Wayne told the Boscobel Dial. “It’s a lot of fun. When I shot my 14-pointer no one believed me. One boy got really mad because he missed one the day before.”

More and more young girls are taking up hunting. According to the Boscobel Dial, Wisconsin sold ten percent of its hunting licenses to women in 2012 but that number is estimated to grow to 43 percent by 2030. And the number of licenses purchases by young children rose from 2,257 in 2018 to at least 3,648 in 2019.

Go here to read more about the hunting tales of eight young girls and to see a photo of the girls.

(Photo source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)