Sponsored Content | December 19, 2022

There’s nothing quite like Kimber’s new, uncompromising R7 Mako. Attention to detail, fit, and finish once reserved for the industry’s finest 1911s is now available in a 9mm subcompact, polymer striker-fired pistol. With optic-ready and optic-installed models available, the R7 Mako is what every concealed carry handgun should be.

One of the first things shooters discovered about the R7 Mako was that the Performance Carry Trigger™ outperformed that of every other micro-compact, striker-fired handgun. Even with a pull weight of 5.0 – 6.75 pounds, the R7 Mako’s trigger delivers the kind of smooth, consistent, short pull and clean, crisp break you’d expect from a single-action handgun.

That smooth action, combined with the R7 Mako’s unique barrel-lockup design, is the key to its best-in-class accuracy. Independent testing confirmed that in five-shot groups, the R7 Mako had average group sizes well under an inch at 7 yards. Other micro-compacts featuring conventional barrel lockup averaged groups nearly twice that size at the same distance. This is the level of accuracy and precision that serious concealed carry users demand.

Along with that outstanding level of accuracy, the 9mm R7 Mako offers high capacity and even higher capacity. The R7 Mako ships with a high-capacity, flush-fit standard 11+1 magazine and a higher-capacity 13+1 extended magazine. When rounds matter, they really matter. And the R7 Mako delivers.

If you choose the optics-ready model, you can mount any sight that fits the Shield pattern RMSc footprint. optics-installed R7 Mako gives you everything you could ask for in a critical situation, including:

  • The Crimson Trace® CTS-1500 reflex sight for fast target acquisition.
  • Co-witnessed tritium night sights, Glock-cut for an incredible variety of aftermarket options.
  • An optimized sight radius for improved accuracy.
  • A hooded ejection port that protects your optic from vented gasses and brass.

The ergonomics and design of the R7 Mako are carefully thought out, too. The length and weight of the R7 Mako are optimized to reduce felt recoil and give you an edge in sight radius over competitive handguns, for improved accuracy when it counts. The R7 Mako’s rear-mounted barrel-locking lug reduces the unlock angle of the barrel, for consistent round presentation and low-felt recoil.

What else can you expect from the R7 Mako? Everything you could ask for.

  • The flat-face Performance Carry Trigger provides a consistent trigger break, no matter your finger placement.
  • The ambidextrous slide stop is both easy to access and low profile to avoid accidental actuation.
  • The ambidextrous mag release is ideal for left- or right-handed shooters.
  • Its deep crown muzzle protects the crown in case of drops or impacts.
  • The aggressive slide serrations accommodate a variety of manipulation styles.
  • The integrated rail system allows for further accessorizing and customization.
  • Its captured flat-wire recoil spring makes breakdown and assembly easy, and ensures greater longevity for the spring.

The Kimber R7 Mako will do much more than feed your appetite for something different. Stack up either model against some of the most popular sub-compacts on the market today and in capacity, performance, and features it comes out on top, hands down.

Learn more here at www.kimberamerica.com