Elk NetworkHunting in Washington? Know New CWD Regulations Before You Go

General | October 18, 2022

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to make sure hunters know about the new chronic wasting disease importation restrictions when it comes to bringing harvested elk, deer and moose back into the state.

For those who hunt outside of Washington, regardless of whether CWD is known to be present in the state or province where they hunt, only the following items may be imported to Washington:

  • Meat that has been de-boned in the state or province where it was harvested and is imported as boned-out meat
  • Skulls and antlers with velvet removed, antlers attached to the skull plate, or upper canine teeth- including bugler, whistlers, and ivories- from which all soft tissue has been removed
  • Hides or capes without heads attached
  • Tissue imported for use by a diagnostic or research laboratory
  • Finished taxidermy mounts

See additional details here.