Elk NetworkElk Takes Detour, Walks across Hood of Car

General | January 7, 2019

Did you hear the one about the elk that took a detour only to walk across the hood of a small car? That’s apparently what happened in the small coastal town of Warrenton in the northwest corner of Oregon.

According to a Facebook post by the Warrenton Police Department, several cars stopped to allow a herd of elk to cross the road. As drivers waited, one of the elk saw the bright red shuttle company car, stepped onto its hood and briefly plopped itself down on the windshield before getting to its feet and wandering off.

The damage is about what you would expect from such an encounter with a 500-pound animal. The hood is severely scratched up while the windshield is busted up as well.

Police warn motorists to beware of wild animals because they are unpredictable. (A certain driver in Oregon would tell you the same thing.)

(Photo source: Warrenton Police Department)