Elk NetworkAn Elk Walks into Colorado Jerky Gift Shop

General | July 18, 2023

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. So, an elk walks off the street into a bustling meat shop.

It’s true. That’s exactly what happened recently at the Beef Jerky Experience, as it’s called, in Estes Park, Colorado. A cow elk slowly meandered into the small business causing customers to immediately reach for their phones and duck behind shelves and counters as they took photos and video.

According to the Beef Jerky Experience Facebook page, “She shopped around and patiently waited for her samples, because our motto is ‘Try Before You Buy!’ Thank you to the Estes Park Police department for getting everyone out safely and quickly! This was quite the Beef Jerky “Experience!”

Those who follow the Estes Park News Facebook page kept the comments coming.

“Love it! Just out for a daily stroll and thought I would stop by for some treats.”

“She’s a very proud shopper.”

“That elk has good taste.”

“Just doing a little shopping!”

Ironically, the shop sells more than 100 kinds of jerky, including elk.

Click here to watch the video.

(Photo credit: Beef Jerky Experience)