Elk NetworkWyoming Hunters Help Bust Poacher

General | July 29, 2019

Hunters do not want to be associated with poachers. In fact, many poaching cases are closed due to hunters who spot questionable behavior and/or provide key information to game wardens. Such is the case regarding a 2018 elk poaching incident in Wyoming.

“If it were not for concerned hunters, who care about ethical hunting practices, this case would never have been made,” Jim Seeman, Wyoming Game and Fish Department warden, told Sheridan Media.com. “Their willingness to report what they saw and provide video of the event was critical to determining what happened.”

According to Sheridan Media.com report, two hunters in Wyoming heard shots and witnessed a vehicle chasing a group of elk near Buffalo. They reported the incident to authorities. An investigation led to the discovery of four poached cow elk and a plea agreement by a Buffalo resident. Ray Ludwig will pay $5,000 in fines as well as restitution. He will also have his hunting privileges taken away in Wyoming and 46 other states.

(Photo source: Wyoming Game and Fish Department)