Elk NetworkWhy Wait…Get Your Suppressor Before Elk Season

General | February 25, 2022

Until now, buying a suppressor was a long and intimidating process. The ATF required that photographs, fingerprints, and an old-fashioned application be mailed in for approval, and it generally took a year to receive the suppressor. With the help of Silencer Central the process has been streamlined and can be completed online or by phone, and your suppressor will be shipped directly to your door in approximately 90 days.

“We took an active role in beta testing the new process on day one,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “We brought our collective insights from years of silencer sales and successful transfers to ensure the new process is as efficient as possible.”

Understanding the New Electronic Form 4 Process

Previously, Form 4 (the actual application for transfer of ownership of a suppressor) was a paper-based form that was mailed to the ATF. Through the new process, the customer creates an account and registers with the ATF in order to get their assigned User ID and 4-digit PIN.

As Silencer Central handles this step of the process, accuracy is ensured, and the digital submission process allows for the information to transfer instantly and in a ready-to-review format.

Once approved, you and Silencer Central will receive notification via email, and Silencer Central ships your suppressor directly to you.

How to buy a silencer using EForms

Like most things, once you understand each step, the process is simple.

  1. Find out whether silencers are legal to own in your state
  2. Select the suppressor that’s right for you
  3. Decide how you’d like to register your silencer (trust, corporation, individual)
  4. Buy your silencer and tax stamp
  5. eZ-Pay for it while you wait
  6. Let us handle the paperwork
  7. Once approved, we will deliver right to your front door!

Silencers are exceptionally versatile. Where suppressors are legal for hunting, hunters have a solid option for protecting their hearing, reducing recoil, and preserving the tranquility of the wilderness.

Silencer Central can help you select the best suppressor that fits your gun(s) and interests, both with their Banish line of suppressors and a full assortment from other manufacturers.

Let Silencer Central help you get started and set you up on a free National Firearms Act (NFA) gun trust and you will be hunting elk suppressed before you know it!