Elk NetworkThree Cited for Trespassing while Shed Hunting

General | May 29, 2020

Three Utah men face citations after trespassing on private property to gather 30 elk and mule deer shed antlers.

“The area where the men entered is clearly marked with ‘no trespassing’ signs,” said Jeremy Wilcox, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) conservation officer. “They told me they knew the land was private property, but they spotted an elk shed off the road and said ‘they couldn’t resist’ getting it. They then remained on the property for hours, scouring the area for more antlers.”

According to the DWR, anyone gathering shed antlers must have written permission from the landowner before entering that landowner’s property to gather antlers.

Trespassing is always against the law. Make sure you consult with your state wildlife agency to determine dates and regulations regarding shed hunting.

(Photo source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)