Elk NetworkThe Mammoth Vertical Smoker: The Ultimate Provider

Sponsored Content | June 24, 2024

Grilla Grills

For the outdoor enthusiast and backyard pitmaster, the Mammoth by Grilla is more than just a smoker—it’s a testament to low and slow BBQ and the tradition of the hunt. This vertical smoker is the answer for those who take pride in providing meals from their hunts with family and friends.

Introducing the Mammoth: A Hunter’s Dream Smoker

The Mammoth is the result of packing a decade of pellet grill knowledge into one huge vertical smoker. The design combines the shape of a traditional cabinet style smoker with Grilla’s industry exclusive tech, creating the most efficient vertical smoker we’ve seen yet.  Expansive cooking space outfitted with over 1600 square inches of grate space, the Mammoth offers ample room for the most generous cuts of venison, beef, pork, and whatever else you can fit in this beast. With 5 additional racks, it’s expandable to over 3200 square inches for those large gatherings. It’s also powered by Grilla’s newest Alpha Connect 2.0 WiFi board and still features the stainless-steel construction where it matters most, just like the rest of Grilla’s pellet grill lineup found here

Efficiency: Grillas ingenuity shines with the Mammoth’s fuel efficiency. A single hopper fill allows for continuous smoking at 250 degrees for over 50 hours—a feature yet to be matched the competition. This means more meat and less pellets!

Why a Vertical Pellet Smoker? The Mammoth isn’t just spacious; it’s smart. With industry-leading double-wall insulation throughout the entire chamber and a stainless-steel interior, it’s built for harsh elements and the test of time. The wireless control system adds convenience to the experience, letting you focus on your guests and stories of the hunt while you monitor your cook from the comfort of your couch.

Unique Features for the Outdoorsman: Every Mammoth comes equipped with 24 Stainless steel S-hooks for hanging your prized elk sausages or those impressive cuts that demand space. Break open some sausage for the holidays or the big game and relive the hunt! The vertical design enhances smoke circulation and production allowing smoke to naturally flow up and out of the exhaust. Included is a patented lipped heat deflector that will hold and smolder wood chunks/chips to roll even more smoke, ensuring every bite is infused with that rich, smoky flavor.

For outdoorsmen and women who live by the ethos of the hunt and the joy of sharing their harvest, the Mammoth is not just a smoker—it’s a centerpiece for those memorable feasts. For more info on the Mammoth and the rest of our overbuilt lineup of grills and outdoor kitchens, visit www.grillagrills.com.