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Conservation , RMEF Films | December 13, 2021

Follow RMEF volunteers in year two as they make an impactful difference on elk country high in the mountains along the Montana-Idaho border. They brave steep slopes and overly thick, rugged terrain to remove miles of nine-strand, downed wire dating back a century earlier from an abandoned, electrified Milwaukee Road rail line. Along the way, they experience the joy that comes with boots on the ground conservation work.

You can view year one of the project below.


It was a disturbing discovery. Curt Nizzoli came across the remains of a great struggle while hunting in Idaho–the deadhead of a mature bull elk wrapped in more than 40 feet of electrical wire discarded from a way of life long since gone. A dedicated member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for more than 25 years, he took action and wrote a letter to RMEF. That sparked action. Motivated volunteers joined him at the site to roll up their sleeves and forever improve elk country.

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