Elk NetworkTangled Hammock Removed from Bull Elk’s Antlers

General | May 18, 2023

Below is a Facebook post from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Wildlife lovers near and far have heard about the elk in Packwood, Washington, that last year was found with parts of a hammock entangled in his antlers. At that time, WDFW staff decided to let the bull continue through the winter without removing the hammock, as he was able to eat, drink and behave normally despite his unusual adornment. The idea was that in the spring, his antlers would shed and the hammock pieces would be dropped with the antlers.

However, when springtime came and the elk shed his antlers, part of the hammock remained on his head. WDFW again assessed the animal and decided that capturing him and removing the remaining obstruction was the best course of action. WDFW biologists were able to locate and sedate the bull and successfully remove the remaining hammock pieces from his head.

WDFW thanks the community of Packwood for their concern over this elk over the last several months – your affection towards this and the other elk that frequent your community is apparent. We appreciate the community working with us to address this situation.

Everyone can take simple measures to make living with wildlife a positive experience in your community. Please remember not to feed backyard or community wildlife, and to pick up wildlife attractants near your home. These attractants can include birdseed, garbage cans, pet food and barbeques. Securing these items can help prevent conflicts with wildlife.

Remember not to approach wild animals; if you think an animal is ill or injured, you can call or visit your local WDFW office, or file a report online at https://wdfw.wa.gov/get-involved/report-observations.

(Photo credit: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)