Elk NetworkStarlight Wisconsin – onX Public Access Project

Conservation , onX Public Access | September 6, 2019

When the call came in to assist with elk country in Wisconsin, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation answered.

And now, that elk habitat is permanently protected plus it’s open to public access for hunters, anglers and others to use and enjoy.

Jackson County Forestry and Parks asked RMEF to help with the acquisition of the 290-acre Starlight property immediately adjacent to Jackson County Forest.

It lies in the heart of Wisconsin’s southern elk range and is also home to deer, black bear, wild turkey, ruffed grouse and other wildlife.

The property is just eight miles south of another RMEF land project, this one covering 360 acres, acquired by RMEF and conveyed to Jackson County Forest in 2017. It is also open to public access.

The Starlight transaction enlarges Jackson County Forest to nearly 123,000 acres.

Opening and improving public access is key to RMEF’s conservation work.

To learn more about the sites and boundaries of RMEF access projects near you or your favorite hunting area, turn on the RMEF layer in the onX Hunt App.

Plus, use the code R-M-E-F when you sign up for your new onX subscription to receive a 20 percent discount, and a portion of the proceeds benefit RMEF’s conservation mission.