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Sponsored Content | September 5, 2023

A big bull shows just beyond range and time isn’t on your side.  The sun is setting and the work week is ticking closer and closer.  You climb and glass the next ridge.  There he is! Well, he’s just out of your effective range.  The wind is going to make that long and uncomfortable shot even tougher.  What do you do?  Is it ethical to shoot this far?  Will you see another one like him?   We’ve probably all felt the pressure of time dwindling with unfilled tags.  How can you ensure you haven’t wasted all of this time and money?  What if you could effectively shoot 300 yards farther?  How about 500 yards?  Having an optic system that allows for maximum distance in windy conditions can mean the trophy of a lifetime or a memory that haunts you forever.

Custom Precision Optics: What Are They and Can They Help?

Custom optics take the guesswork out of precision shooting and puts all of the necessary data into an easily manageable configuration. Ballistic coefficient, bullet data, barometric pressure, temperature, elevation, cosine of angle and more all factor into precision shooting and ethical hunting.  The ability to understand and master all of these factors can be a daunting challenge.   Huskemaw takes most of this data and customizes a simple turret that allows you to make shots at distance in windy conditions without apps, range cards or mathematical equations.

Make it Simple:  Measure & Dial to Distance in Yards

Range an elk at 475 yards?  Simply dial the turret to 475 yards. Rather than a holdover, calculating MOA or milliradian within seconds, or the good old gut feeling, Huskemaw allows you to dial directly in yards which removes any guesswork.    All of the weight, air density and ballistics calculations are factored into the turret which makes shooting to distance within seconds much faster and more effective.  Making a long-range shot with confidence is half the battle.

Hold for Wind & Remove the Guesswork

Each Huskemaw optic has the patented TrueBC® which makes shooting in windy conditions much easier.  The custom turret has a wind hold number that increases as yardage increases.  In the diagram below, you can see at 600 yards, you’ll have a wind hold of 3 with a 10mph crosswind.  Have a 20 mph crosswind?  No problem: just double the hold.     Huskemaw allows you to focus on the HUNT instead of calculations by making sure that you’re dead on: every time.

Internal Bubble Level:  Remove the “Cant” for Better Shot Placement

You feel like your scope is perfectly aligned, but you’ve been hiking up and down hills or you’re in a strange position trying to get a good shot.  More than likely you’re slightly canted.  Your optic should be perfectly level to ensure your shot doesn’t land low left or low right.  Having an internal bubble level allows you to check your alignment quickly without lifting your head to see an external level.  Several of Huskemaw’s models feature an internal bubble level that allows you to ensure you’re not canted.

A Simple & Bright Reticle Helps with Precision 

Having the ability to see and make effective shots in low light conditions is imperative. Huskemaw uses high density lens coatings, large objective lenses and German F2 Schott glass to ensure maximum light transmission and durability all while reducing glare.  A simple and effective reticle can help you make better decisions during seconds of high intensity hunting moments.  The HuntSmart reticle allows for fast acquisition with an effective measurement and wind hold solution built in.

Large Calibers & Rough Terrain Require Tough Optics

No matter what caliber you’re shooting or where you’re hunting, having a shock proof and rugged optic is must.  With a Heavy-duty one-piece aircraft aluminum body for ultimate durability, titanium turret springs, etched reticle between 2 layers of glass and grooved and bedded lenses, Huskemaw offers a tremendous option for long-range precision with unmatched durability.

Two Turrets in One: Different Conditions Require Custom Flexibility

Elevation, temperature, barometric pressure and more all change with different hunting areas. Huskemaw dual stack turrets offer tremendous flexibility for an array of hunting situations.  Typical Huskemaw turrets cover a range of 8000 feet in elevation and 40 degree temperature fluctuations. It’s also possible to have multiple turrets that can be easily exchanged and tailored to your environment, bullet, or desired yardage.  Many Huskemaw owners have multiple turrets that allow them the option to hunt any terrain, condition or ammunition by simply changing out their turret within a few minutes.

Long-Distance Shooting, Simplified. 

As we all know, the effective range of many hunters varies on skill level and the quality of their systems.  It’s no wonder why high-end custom rifle builder, Best of the West only uses Huskemaw optics to make ½ MOA systems capable of extremely long and ethical shots.  Huskemaw has helped thousands of hunters more than double their ethical effective range through their simple system and custom precision optics.


  • Patented RFBC Turret System with HuntSmart Reticle
  • Glass etched second focal plane reticle protected between two layers of glass
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Grooved and bedded lenses with proprietary adhesive for maximum recoil tolerance
  • TrueBC® drop compensation
  • Heavy-duty one-piece aircraft aluminum body for ultimate durability
  • Fogproof, shockproof and waterproof construction
  • High-density lens coatings or German F2 Schott glass with high-density multi-coatings
  • Titanium turret springs for unequalled tracking
  • Adjustable zero index ring
  • Adjustable parallax knob
  • Lifetime Warranty

Huskemaw has several models to meet your hunting needs from 1-6×24 all the way up to 5-30×56.  Huskemaw also offers binoculars, shade covers, and more to meet the demands of the most selective hunters.

Want to learn more about long-distance shooting?  Attend a Best of the West shooting school with Huskemaw Optics and World-Class trainers.

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