Elk NetworkRMEF at Work – Ray Creek, Montana

Conservation | May 3, 2018

It happened just before the 2014 hunting season. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation worked with the Neild family to acquire nearly 1,000 acres of wildlife habitat in central Montana and then convey it to the Helena National Forest. That piece of property, known as the Ray Creek project, is now in the public’s hands for hunting, fishing, hiking and other recreational activities.

The interview shown above was conducted by Brittany Boddington. It touched on RMEF’s conservation mission, the project itself and the vital link between hunting and conservation.

Editor’s note: 

When Mark Holyoak walked down the hill at the conclusion of the interview, he did not do so simply for effect. Instead, he kept on going onto the former Ray Creek project property. We would love to say his 90-minute mid-morning hunt ended with him driving back home with an elk in the bed of his pickup. While he did not see any elk he did see whitetail deer including a decent buck but passed on it since it only offered a horizon shot.