Elk NetworkPennsylvania Expands Elk Hunting Opportunities

General | June 11, 2021

Below is part of a news release from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Dating back to 1991, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and its partners completed 505 conservation and hunting heritage outreach projects in Pennsylvania with a combined value of more than $27.3 million. These projects protected or enhanced 27,399 acres of habitat and opened or improved public access to 10,189 acres.

With more Sunday hunting opportunities on the way, additional days available for hunters to fill their antlerless deer tags and the biggest allotment of elk licenses yet, the 2021-22 season is one that Pennsylvania hunters eagerly are awaiting.

And they won’t have to wait for long.

Hunting and furtaker licenses for 2021-22 will go on sale Monday, June 14 and the new license year begins July 1.

Pennsylvania elk hunters in 2021-22 also will be out there in record numbers. The 187 licenses available marks an increase from the 164 allocated the previous year. A record 56 of the 2021-22 licenses are for bulls. And the January late season, which in its first two years was open only to antlerless elk hunting, in 2022 will be open to bull hunting, as well. Ten of the 49 licenses to be issued for the Jan. 1 through 8 late season are for bulls.

The January late season is one of three elk seasons. There are 14 antlered and 15 antlerless licenses available for the archery-only elk season, which runs from Sept. 11 through 25, when bulls are in the rut. There are 32 antlered and 77 antlerless licenses available for the general six-day regular elk season, which runs from Nov. 1 through 6.

Licenses are awarded by lottery. License applications can be submitted online or at any license issuing agent. A separate application, costing $11.97, is needed for each season. Hunters wishing to apply for all three pay $35.91. In each drawing, season-specific bonus points are awarded to those who aren’t drawn.

The deadline to apply for an elk license is July 31, 2021.

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(Photo source:  David McKinnis)