Elk NetworkOregon Lawmakers Consider Removing Ban on Mountain Lion Hunting with Hounds

General | October 8, 2018

One month after a mountain lion killed a hiker and citing increasing species’ numbers, lawmakers in Oregon are considering removing a ban on hunting the animals with hounds.

According to KMTR-TV, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife presented its mountain lion management plan to the Oregon House Interim Committee on Agricultural and Natural Resources. During the meeting, one legislator proposed again allowing hunters the opportunity to hunt mountain lions while using dogs.

A bill overturned hunting with hounds in 1994.

“It was absolutely unnecessary from my perspective,” Jim Akenson, director of the Oregon Hunters Association, told KMTR-TV. “I think it took away a very valuable tool from wildlife managers. I think generally bringing the population down is going to reduce the negative interactions with man.”

Oregon’s current mountain lion population is approximately more than 6,000, which is much higher than when hunting the animals with hounds was banned.

(Photo source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)