Elk NetworkNosler Partition®: The Original Elk Bullet

General | July 17, 2020

The Nosler Partition® is undoubtedly the most famous bullet in big game hunting history and the story behind its invention is just as legendary as the bullet itself.

In the fall of 1946, a stubborn, mud-caked Canadian moose failed to go down, despite a well-placed shot from John Nosler’s 300 H&H. On the way home from that trip, John started thinking about a way to make a bullet that would perform well every time, no matter what the size of the game or the shot angle. Over the next year, he experimented with bullet design, finally settling on a unique, dual core bullet that was the first Partition. The following fall, John and his friend both killed moose with one shot using John’s new bullet. The Partition would become the world’s first premium big game hunting projectile and remain the benchmark for all hunting bullets nearly seven decades later.

Considered one of the best all-around hunting bullets ever made, the Nosler Partition has been a top choice among elk hunters for over 70 years and for good reason. Elk are able to withstand a considerable amount of damage, making bullet choice absolutely critical to the successful and humane harvest of these incredible creatures. The Partition’s unique design allows it to hold together while penetrating through even the toughest hide, muscle and bone for quick, humane kills. When you need something that just plain works, the Nosler Partition is it.

Since the early days of RMEF’s inception 30 years ago, Nosler has been a strong advocate of their mission to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, habitat and our hunting heritage. Purchase of the following officially licensed Nosler Partition products directly supports on-the-ground work to benefit elk and elk country through the RMEF.

  • .30 caliber 180 Grain Spitzer Point
  • 7mm caliber 160 Grain Spitzer Point
  • 8mm caliber 200 Grain Spitzer Point
  • .338 caliber 210 Grain Spitzer Point
  • .270 caliber 150 Grain Spitzer Point

MSRP: $40-$60

Learn more at: www.Nosler.com