Elk NetworkNew RMEF Wildfire Restoration Funding Spread Across Six States

General | April 29, 2022

In line with its February 2022 announcement to significantly boost funding for wildfire forest recovery, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation rounded out its $1 million commitment by providing $600,000 for eight projects in six different states. The goal is to restore thousands of acres of public and private forestland, meadows and other landscapes charred by recent wildfires to enhance habitat for elk and other wildlife while also benefitting overall forest health.

The new projects cover a range of habitat stewardship projects including seeding and planting, cheatgrass and other weed treatments, burned fence removal, and the repair of wildlife water resources in Arizona (2), Colorado, Montana, Oregon (2), Utah and Washington. Two of the projects previously received 2021 funding. This group of eight projects is expected to grow and/or receive additional funding support on the state level.

“This commitment only solidifies RMEF’s ongoing strategic efforts dating back decades to enhance habitat for elk and a myriad of other wildlife species for their long-term betterment while also improving overall forest health,” Kyle Weaver, RMEF president and CEO, said at the time of the original $1 million commitment. “We greatly appreciate our partners at the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, state agencies, private landowners and other organizations for implementing actions that benefit, wildlife, hunters and others who enjoy the outdoors.”

RMEF previously announced funding for 19 different projects in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Go here to see a list of all 25 projects and their locations.

(Photo credit:  U.S. Forest Service)