Elk NetworkMontanans Love Their Wild Game

General | November 29, 2017

Hunters who live in Montana love their wild game. How much? So much so that they harvested about 5,000 tons of it this past big game hunting season.

“I ran the numbers and to my surprise, it amounts to about 10 million pounds of boneless, wild, natural, organic, sustainably harvested wild meat,” said Thomas Baumeister, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks bureau chief.

Baumeister came to that calculation by taking the average weight of meat produced per animal multiplied by average harvest numbers. The results showed that Montana produces roughly 10 million pounds of venison per year.

“How is it possible that we live in a state of a million people and we have this abundance of wildlife? This didn’t happen by accident. So how does the system work? And our hope is to bring these people who are interested in hunting for food into the fold,” said Baumeister.

(Source: KPAX-TV/Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks)