Elk NetworkMan Removes Bag from Elk’s Head

General | May 10, 2022

An elk has a whole new view on life after being freed from having a bag stuck over its head and neck.

According to the ViralHog Youtube page, it happened in April 2022 near St. Maries, a small town about a 50-mile drive south of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Two men came across the situation and did something about it. One of them slowly and cautiously approached the animal while the other recorded the incident on video. The man grabbed the bag with both hands and removed it. The elk then looked at him for a split second before spinning around and heading back up the mountain.

Perhaps somewhat ironically, Yellowstone National Park distributed a news release only one week later urging caution for anyone who happens to be close to the animals as cow elk often become protective and aggressive during calving season.

(Video credit:  ViralHog)